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Course curriculum

This module introduces you to the most important fundamental basic skills: vital targets on an opponent’s body, and the basic striking techniques that you need to learn in order to attack those targets. Learning even these very basic strikes enables you to respond to a threat with confidence and great power, secure in the knowledge that size and strength are not everything in a confrontation.

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    Vital targets & Strikes

    • Welcome to EDA

    • Your Role as a Krav Maga Student

    • Awareness is Your Best Defense

    • Vital targets & strikes

    • Bonus - 5 Minute Mastery - Hand Speed

    • Bonus Content - How to double your grip strength

Bonus material

Get the following additional content when you enrol for this module

  • Free 5 Minute Mastery Video

    Watch and listen to EDA Chief Instructor, Des Brown as he explains simple, but practical techniques for improving your hand speeds.

  • Free Video - Double your grip strength in 30 days

    Watch and listen to Adrian, the head of EDA steel, as he demonstrates how to double your grip strength in only 30 days