Why train with us?

Elite Defence Academy International is South Africa’s largest and fastest-growing international self defence training organisation, with certified Krav Maga Instructors countrywide, as well as in Namibia, Kenya, the US, the UK, and Australia, in addition to independent affiliates in several other countries. Our Online Krav Maga Program also serves students in more than 14 countries around the globe. Our unique evolutionary approach to common sense self defense has made Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga one of the world’s fastest-growing systems of personal combat – and one of the most imitated, with good reason. Over the past 15 years, we’ve taught Krav Maga to more than 10,000 people. We’ve instructed military units, law enforcement teams, executive security details, close protection personnel – and thousands of (extra)ordinary men and women who’ve used our system of Krav Maga to protect themselves, their families, and loved ones. Despite being affiliated in the past to an extremely reputable Israel-based global Krav Maga organization, we’ve been proudly independent for more than half a decade, and in the process we’ve carved out a reputation for teaching a highly effective, unique, no-nonsense, fast-evolving system of Krav Maga that is both incredibly powerful and at the same time user-friendly. Because our system is rooted in reality – and forged in the crucible of the streets of South Africa, one of the most violent countries in the world – we don’t teach a single thing that hasn’t been proven to work. And by “proven to work”, we’re not talking about a cute “pressure test” wearing padding in a gym, but rather literal life-and-death situations that have actually happened, and where our system has proven itself over and over in the face of often astonishing odds.

Things you may be asking right now

How does this work?

  • What is Krav Maga?

    Krav Maga is one of the world’s most powerful and easy to learn systems of practical self defence. It originated in Israel in the 1930s, and over the course of almost a century, it has become a worldwide self-defence phenomenon. Krav Maga, as a system, is a smart hybrid: it uses the most powerful and effective techniques found across all martial arts, and simplifies them so that they will work for anyone. Krav Maga has been adopted over the years not only by regular and Special Forces military units worldwide, and by elite law enforcement agencies like the FBI and SWAT teams, but also by hundreds of thousands of ordinary men and women across the globe. Why? Because it is supremely effective, fast and easy to learn, and requires no special martial arts experience or ability. ​ Krav Maga is easily adapted to anyone’s level of ability, and teaches defences against all types of threats or assaults, from hand to hand fighting to weapon disarms, dealing with multiple attackers, ground fighting (and rape defence), and a multitude of other lifesaving skills that can be quickly learned and applied. One of the hallmarks of Krav Maga is that it embraces the ‘unfair fight’ in every sense of the word – targeting an attacker’s weak points, exploiting the physiology and psychology of an opponent, and using every possible tactic to ensure survival and victory. ​ As you progress in the Elite Defence Academy International system of Krav Maga, you also learn how to use various self defense weapons easily, safely and effectively, greatly increasing your skill and confidence, secure in the knowledge that you can protect yourself and your loved ones, and that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible. ​ All are welcome in our system. Just come as you are, and we’ll do the rest. Join us!

  • Can I learn Krav Maga?

    Anybody can learn Krav Maga, regardless of age, physical condition, fitness, or any other factor. Why? Because Krav Maga was originally designed for men and women who had no prior training, and who had to equip themselves practically and intelligently to fight off attackers who were very often better equipped and armed. Krav Maga is not theoretical in nature: it has been proven to work, beyond any doubt, in combat and in everyday self defense situations. And precisely because it’s been used successfully by so many people, you can be absolutely certain that it will work for you. People can sometimes feel hesitant about trying out something new, especially when faced with something unfamiliar. With Elite Defence Academy Krav Maga, though, you don’t need to worry: we welcome beginners, and we even have a specific beginner program for you that enables you to learn the basics in an extremely safe and supportive environment. For more than 15 years, we’ve been South Africa’s largest, most trusted, and fastest growing Krav Maga training group, so you have peace of mind knowing that you’re with the professionals. In our organization, there are no egos, there is no posturing or “tough guy” attitude – because that’s not what Krav Maga is all about. If you’re looking for intelligent, effective self defense taught by certified expert instructors who understand you and will help you every step of the way, then you’ve come to the right place. Yes, you can learn Krav Maga, and we’re here to help you. To join us, you don’t have to be ‘in shape’ or have any kind of ability at all. Book a free introductory class now, and let us show you just how easy it is to learn Krav Maga.

  • How can it help me?

    Krav Maga equips you with physical and mental skills that enable you to create a safer and more secure life, for yourself and for your loved ones. Obviously, it’s great to learn devastating physical self defence techniques that will stop any attacker, but there are many other surprising benefits to learning Krav Maga with Elite Defence Academy International. You’ll find that your self confidence will increase enormously. Knowing that you’re realistically able to handle yourself in a crisis means that your fear levels decrease, and your thinking becomes calmer and more powerful. If you encounter a conflict, you have the power to make an educated decision to resolve the conflict, or to walk away – on your terms. And, although you don’t have to be in shape to start with, one of the inevitable side effects of practicing Krav Maga is that you’ll become progressively stronger and fitter. Your energy levels will rise, your physical and mental resilience will increase, and you’ll become a more positive, purposeful individual. Many of our students – and instructors – have commented on just how pleasurably addictive Krav Maga can be. As you learn new skills, new horizons open up before you, and you’re supported and encouraged by a family of like minded individuals who have your best interests at heart.