About the online certification process

The EDA University enables you to learn Krav Maga from anywhere in the world. Once you have completed and mastered each of the techniques for all of the learning modules that make up an EDA belt rank, you can video yourself performing the techniques with a training partner. Your video can then be submitted to EDA for evaluation by our senior instructor team. Following evaluation, you will receive personal feedback as to whether your demonstration of our techniques and principles meet the required standard. If they do, you can earn your technical belt rank and certificate from EDA. For those wanting to grade for green belt or higher, you will be required to attend a physical verification at one of our testing centres, in addition to submission of an online certification. To contact one of our testing centres, click the button below


Some of our most commonly asked questions

  • Who can be my training partner ?

    Your training partner needs to be a willing participant in your training and be able to commit time to helping you succeed. You will need to spend some time explaining to them what they should expect in terms of physicality and they should watch the video techniques with you. Many of our students train with a friend or family member, but there are also EDA Krav Maga trainees who are registered 'training partners'. To find out more, click on the find a partner link on the main menu.

  • How often should I train for each belt ?

    The answer is as often as possible! To give you more clarity in terms of timelines and expectations, we will send you guidelines on how long you should train for each belt within our system when you enrol

  • What is a 'Technical' belt rank ?

    Krav Maga is physical by nature. In order to maintain the integrity of our system and to ensure that our trainees are grounded in reality, a technical belt rank is awarded to all Yellow and Orange Belt online trainees upon completion of an online belt ranking evaluation. For those who wish to grade at Green Belt level or higher, a technical ranking must still be submitted, but it needs to be completed by means of a physical evaluation at one of our testing centres before formal ranking is awarded. However, if you choose to learn the syllabus at Green Belt level or higher without necessarily doing a grading, that’s also perfectly okay.

  • How old do I need to be to learn Krav MAGA ?

    For the adult Krav Maga belt ranks, trainees should be over 16 years of age. We do offer Kids Krav Maga courses for ages 7-16.

  • Can I only purchase courses for my current belt level?

    You can purchase any course that is available. However, you may only apply for your grading evaluations in belt order (so in other words, starting with Yellow Belt, and so on). You cannot buy or subscribe to a higher belt syllabus course, and then apply for that higher belt ranking, unless you have first passed gradings for the preceding belts.

  • How long will the courses be available in my account once I have purchased them ?

    Training videos will be available whilst you still remain registered with the EDA University.